under his desk

I (female, 25)  finally fulfilled my fantasy of sucking dick under his desk. To do this we had to stay really really late until there was basically no one else around. And anyone who was still here was too focused on finishing their work so they could get home. We both agreed to stay late so that we could do this and as the time went on I was getting more and more excited. When it was late enough I went upstairs to his office, locked the door behind me and crawled under his desk.

I unzipped his trousers and pulled his cock out. He wasn’t hard for once, I think the nerves of getting caught were stopping him. I spat on his dick and started rubbing it up and down. I gave his head little licks while looking up at him the whole time. He tried not to look at me, pretending he was still working on his computer, but he was getting harder by the second. He made a little moan that he tried his best to cover with a fake cough, which i took as my queue to put his whole cock in my mouth as if I was trying to see how far down my throat he could get.

As i kept working up and down his cock with my mouth, i used my hands to massage his balls. My spit was dripping down his cock and I used it to keep him nice and lubed up as I wanked him off. I taunted him about calling his wife while I was being a whore for him. He grabbed the back of my hair and whispered to me that he was about to cum, I took my mouth off his cock and opened wide whilst wanking him off as fast as I could… I wanted him to see his cum shoot into my mouth, but he came so hard it went onto my face. I excitedly gave him a little giggle before getting up. I used my fingers to catch all the cum and lick it up, I wasn’t going to waste a drop. With his cock still out I unlocked his door and left.

From Ariewantu on Reddit.

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