This is a little embarrassing to admit but my boss fucked me.. I’ve been working an office job the last few months fairly newish. I’ve said this before but I have a kink for older married men i’m not


sure why but I love the thought that they are off limits to me. The fact they are so much older and it’s so wrong.

I didn’t plan on seducing my boss but when I saw him initially for my interview I was crushing hard lol. It kind of motivated me to get the job even more.

The first few weeks I played it safe just keeping my head down finding my feet. Getting to know everyone gauging the vibes in the office.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I’ve been doing exceptionally well at work and have fit right in. I’ve made 2 friends and love my little routine. Alongside a hobby of trying to seduce my boss..

It started slowly by getting him coffee on a morning, ‘requesting’ extra help with admin jobs as I was ‘confused’ lol and just generally trying to get 1-1 time with him.

Every day I’ve been trying to wear slightly suggestive outfits. Super tight dresses to see my curves, slightly sheer shirts so he can see my stuff hard nipples, or leather/PVC pencil skirts so he can see my fat ass.

I could tell this was slightly working as he kept looking every so often when I walked past , double looking, looking at my tits or nipples in conversation and him generally being overly nice to me. Which he definitely shouldn’t be doing as he’s married.



It was a works night out last weekend and I was getting to know a few older colleagues who have worked in the office a lot longer than me & of course my boss. As the night grew longer the crowd grew smaller , my work friends had left and it was only me boss and member part of IT.

I was supper drunk at this time and my boss has offered to take me home. I was all over him I couldn’t help it. Arm in arm we walked to his car, he was trying to keep me upright.

The minute I got into his car something came over me , it was 100000% the alcohol & my lust for him and the fact I was super horny lol.

I kissed him. Initially he pushed me off as he knew it was so so wrong. But it felt so right. After that it was a blur. I was fucking my boss in his car. My pussy was dripping with excitement as he thrust his hard cock in me over and over. I loved it.


From Naughtnx on Reddit. 

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