There was a brief lapse in judgement where I was considering profiting off my sluttiness.. I’ve decided against it, but I did have fun making a couple videos to see how it’d go. Because who doesn’t want to see a lifeguard in the breakroom playing with herself? So Tuesday night management had all left and I was feeling pretty much in the clear.thepurpleppleater

I was getting wet thinking about my plan while guarding and by the time it was break my nipples were aching.

I had to wait till the janitor was finished in the hallway because I was afraid of being caught. It was maddening, I was so frustrated and would have done anything for him to leave so I could take my clothes off and be a slut. I decided to start playing with myself anyway, I couldn’t stop myself.

My panties were soaking wet and it truly took no time at all to get myself biting my lip and cumming on my fingers. The hard part was staying quiet. I wanted to moan, gasp and make plenty of noise but alas, I was at work and couldn’t have the janitor or patrons hearing me fuck myself on the clock. They might not be happy knowing that’s where their tax payer dollars are going.

I had just stripped naked and was playing with myself again when I heard the code on the door beep.. luckily I was able to get all but my shirt back on before the building director opened it. The video is pretty great. My cheeks were bright red. He bought the excuse tho. Oh what fun times.. Maybe I’ll do it again sometime, but I think I’ll hold off for a little while.

From thepurpleppleater on Reddit.

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