In the wild and wacky corporate jungle, I, Gemma aka GemmaCactus , the 25-year-old Asian selfie addict, have a sexy secret. Picture this: during work hours, I morph into a stealthy bathroom ninja, armed with my trusty smartphone. Yes, you guessed it—I embark on daring bathroom breaks to capture the perfect selfie. But here’s the twist: I unleash these silly snapshots upon unsuspecting coworkers. Their bewildered faces create an uproar in the office. My mischievous escapades turn the mundane into a comedy show, bringing joy, unity, and a whole lot of bathroom humor to the workplace. Bow down to the reigning queen of the bathroom selfie shenanigans!

You can find GemmaCactus on OnlyFans and  Reddit too!

Also, make sure you click here to see my Previous Work selfies!

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By Roxy

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